Compliance with BS 5839-1:2017

As a reputable fire maintenance provider, we’re regularly introduced to new clients or to conduct a safety audit to ensure that a customer’s premises and equipment are BS 5839-1:2017. So, what is BS 5839-1:2017? And how do we ensure our businesses are compliant?

What is BS 5839-1:2017

BS 5839-1:2017 is the de facto standard that regulates fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. It’s the code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises and so it applies to most businesses with their own office or site. It’s seen as essential in the protection of people from the risk of fire and is seen as critical to saving lives in commercial premises and upheld by the Fire Industry Association.

Should I comply?

Although not a legal requirement, it is a standard that insurers recognise and the HSE sees as showing reasonable care in the event of an outbreak of fire at a place of work. In other words, if you are a responsible employer, it is incumbent on you to demonstrate this by the choices you make about fire safety. Working with reputable providers is good practice and ensures that you make informed choices about the actions you take and the fire safety systems you invest in, is wise.

How do I comply?

You may have never worked with an external fire solutions provider before and feel daunted about choosing one. We would suggest you ask around and also perform a Google search to see who is in your area. Phone the likely candidates and also look at their websites. Our website has a host of certifications, accreditations and memberships and we would recommend you find a provider with similar standards.

Memberships of both the Fire Protection Association and Fire Industry Associations are a good sign and you should be able to easily verify that membership through the association website or directory. Membership indicates a solid and thorough approach to the service provided and the technical and practical experience within the business.

We would also recommend that your enquiry includes this specific question – and the answers should be clear and open, rather than vague and non-committal. You’re looking for a provider who has properly trained personnel and a track record with businesses like yours, who is happy to provide references and also to provide consultation and support, not merely look to sell you a system and move on.

Regular inspections

You should inspect an audit of your business to determine the level of compliance you currently possess and recommendations on how to improve your compliance. A good fire safety solutions provider will also ensure that you have regular inspections. For example, changing your office around to comply with Covid-19 secure requirements for social distancing may well have changed your BS 5839-1:2017 compliance. A good provider will be already raising this as an issue with you, prior to a change in lockdown or tier/level adjustments.

Why Realm Fire & Security?

We are members of both the Fire Industry Association and Fire Protection Association. We are the only BAFE-certified fire risk assessments provider in the whole of Aberdeenshire. We are SSAIB registered, as well as SafeContractor Approved and a Gold Member of Constructionline. Our track record is second to none and we are always happy to provide references and other information to help you make your choice.

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