Fire Blankets in Aberdeen

Historically associated with combating chip pan fires, the firefighting versatility of the fire blanket is becoming increasingly recognised by the fire safety professionals. From personnel to kitchen and waste bin fires, the application of this simple-to-use and yet extremely effective firefighting aid are numerous.

  • Single piece design for long-lasting service
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Hinged lid for easy extraction
  • Moulded keyhole for added strength when hanging
Fire Equipment Accessories

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Easy to install and service, the modern fire blanket fulfils an essential role in most fire safety strategies. However, as with any life-saving device, the function of the product in the heat of the moment is the all-important consideration.

When mounted in an accessible position near to the potential hazard and housed in an easily opened container, the blanket can be swiftly deployed and in action in a matter of seconds – crucial seconds in the development of an uncontrollable blaze.

Technically, a fire blanket extinguishes fire by forming an airtight seal, smothering the fire and cutting off the supply of oxygen. For this reason, when developing the high-performance textiles suited to this purpose there are many elements to be considered.