Wireless Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Cameras in Aberdeen

PTZ (or pan, tilt and zoom) cameras can make a 360-degree sweep of the environment, change angles to look at objects both above and below the camera, and zoom in to give objects greater detail. These cameras are used most often in surveillance situations where remote viewers can track subjects.

PTZ cameras are controlled via remote computer systems. Users generally program the camera to move it in a set pattern or control it manually with an interface that usually is manipulated with a keyboard. A user inputs commands degrees of angle and rotation and the camera moves accordingly. Advanced PTZ cameras may have controls with joysticks or other customized controls.

Dome Wireless Pan Tilt and Zoom CCTV Camera

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Extra features and recording capabilities of a PTZ camera can vary. Some PTZ cameras have high-definition capabilities, allowing them to record very detailed images. Others may have only standard definition. Colour and grayscale options also vary. The camera may also have tinted shielding so people can’t see it and internal heating or maintenance mechanisms to keep it running smoothly.




Because PTZ cameras can be controlled from a distance, the user does not need to be near the camera. After the PTZ camera is installed, it is generally low-maintenance and requires little attention. The mobility of the camera allows users to track an object as it is moving, following it as long as it is within the camera’s range.