Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) in Aberdeen

A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are commonly used in burglar alarms and automatically-activated lighting systems. They are commonly called simply “PIR”, or sometimes “PID”, for “passive infrared detector”. They are used in intruder alarm systems along with door contacts and other equipment.

Passive infrared (PIR) detection is achieved by monitoring changes of the far infrared levels in the sensors field of view. All objects emit infrared radiation at or around a wavelength of 10 µm. The sensor activates when a human being moves against a background that is emitting more or less radiation. Effective detectors are able to discriminate between humans and other sources of infrared.

Passive Infrared System Realm

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Our Intruder Alarm systems range from intruder alarms, control panels and motion sensors through to fully integrated intrusion and door control security installations. They include environmental protection and life safety devices, and perimeter protection products including glass break, seismic and shock sensors.

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