Fire Door Retainers in Aberdeen

Realm Fire & Security provides a range of fire safety equipment that we install and maintain.

Fire doors are a critical element in all workplaces and during the global pandemic, fire door retainers have become far more popular.

We recommend fire door retainers to support the regular movement of large numbers of people in educational and other workplaces, where it’s desirable for doors to be left open, but where fire safety is also paramount.

Door Entry

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, closed fire doors were identified as creating a potential touch hazard for spreading the virus. Fire doors are normally closed and people walking down corridors and into offices regularly push them open and they swing shut behind them or else they’re held open for a colleague walking the same way. Fire door retainers have become a useful solution to meet concerns about regular door touching, and Government advice about Covid-safe workplaces, without compromising fire safety.


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Fire Doors can remain open

Fire door retainers have the benefit of allowing fire doors to remain open, except in the event of an emergency, providing additional peace of mind during the global pandemic. An open fire door is a risk in the event of a fire because they’re designed to slow down the spread of both smoke and flame; keeping them open can break existing fire regulations. We are approved suppliers of Fireco, who produce door retaining devices called Dorgard, a safe and legal solution to keep fire doors open.

The device fits snugly to the bottom of any fire door and acts as a wedge to keep the door open at all times, unless a fire alarm sounds.  You can have individual Dogard units or you can also include a separate transmitter fitted to any fire alarm panel. This sends an infrared signal to each DorgardPro on every door, triggering a closure action on the door. You can watch the DogardPro video here.

The devices comply with all current Building Regs. We are able to specify, supply, install and commission fire door closing devices, to ensure your building is kept both fire safe and has a reduced risk of hands touching doors and potentially spreading Covid-19.

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