COVID Secure Services

Office mobilisation – mitigating the challenges of Covid-19

With businesses now open after a lengthy period of lockdown, and future lockdowns on the horizon always possible, Realm is here to support clients old and new to ensure that fire safety, and compliance with fire regulations, is not neglected or overlooked during the daily challenges the new normal brings. We are here to help mitigate the challenges of Covid-19. Speak to us about a Fire Safety review covering the following and other elements relevant to your business operations.

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Visitors and employees: protection and peace of mind 

Thermal cameras to protect staff and visitors 
We have a range of thermal cameras to take anyone’s temperature who visits you during the working day 


Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments

Fire risk assessments are legally required annually or bi-annually for commercial businesses, or if you have made any material changes to your building’s layout since the last assessment. This can include any changes that you have made to facilitate social distancing within your premises in line with the government ‘COVID-Secure’ guidelines.

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Fire warden training

Fire warded training is essential, especially as people have been working from home and may have forgotten procedures or if your usual fire warden is still furloughed. You may also have a legal requirement to appoint additional fire wardens where you have changed your shift patterns to stagger the working day in line with government COVID advice.

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Realm Fire & Security, Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher inspections

Now is the time to make sure your fire extinguisher record is up-to-date.


If you would like to find out more about thermal cameras, fire risk assessments, fire warden training, or fire extinguisher inspection, please contact the team on 01224 710014 or email us with fire safety in the subject line. 

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