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Trinity Centre

Video: CCTV Installation for the Trinity Centre
Voice of Customer, Kenneth

Recently, Realm Fire and Security was asked to upgrade one of the CCTV Systems at the Trinity Centre. The Centre had issues with the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) as it was not functioning as operationally required.

The Trinity Centre approached Realm to provide a solution to resolve the CCTV System issue, as they had previously entrusted Realm with programmed maintenance work and knew we also worked with CCTV Systems.

Realm researched and put forward a solution that would re-use the current cables and camera positions while also ensuring that the system would be compatible with the other CCTV System that Trinity Centre had in place. By doing so we helped keep the costs within the Customer’s Budget. The solution included a new DVR and new cameras. The key features of the new cameras included HD picture, high zoom functionality and better Infra-red Range.

Realm were aware of the strict time constraints required by the Trinity Centre, so in order to meet these and deliver the installation within the deadline we used one of our contractors – lead by one of our engineer’s – to complete the install. Although some issues were encountered during the installation, nothing was a problem for Realm and any issues were quickly resolved.

The customer was pleased with the work carried out, describing the whole process as “refreshing” and found that the level of professionalism throughout the upgrade from all staff involved was excellent. They found that Realm easily understood their specific issue and took the time to fully explain the detailed specification regarding upgrading the system.

When asked, would you recommend Realm to others for these services? The customer was happy to say “We would certainly recommend Realm and will look at further projects with them in the future. We hope that his project is the start of many on the way to establish a great working relationship with a local company”

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