Six months on:
Following up with our client.

Security Systems Installation
Foro Energy

IR Six months ago, Realm Fire and Security designed and installed new security systems for Foro Energy. We’re checking back to see how well it’s been working, as well as making sure they are happy with the system and service we provided.

Initial Requirements

When Foro Energy moved into their new premises, they looked to make sure that the security aspect of the building was up to date, not only to secure their assets, but also to ensure that they meet their building insurance requirements. The client determined that they would require a CCTV System and an Intruder alarm system installed.

Design and Installation

Bullet Cam Foro EnergyWe began, as with all installations, with a survey of the site in order to capture the specifics of the cover required. This included a walkaround with representatives from Foro Energy to identify the areas that the CCTV System would need to cover and confirming the grade of Intruder alarm system that was required.

Bullet Cam Foro EnergyFor the CCTV, we proposed an IP-based, fixed camera system, which covered both internal and external areas of the site, to provide maximum coverage. It was also designed to allow the client remote access viewing if needed. As well as the CCTV system, we also installed a grade 2 Intruder alarm system to provide trap protection throughout the office and warehouse areas. In addition, for further peace of mind and security, the Intruder alarm system was connected to an alarm receiving centre to allow monitoring out with working hours.

(Picture right: Fixed IR bullet camera installed for the client, Picture left: Bell Box installed for the client)

Checking Back

It’s good news! The client is happy with the systems and cover that we provided, but also reaffirmed the peace of mind the extra services that we offered and supplied provide. As a testament to our service and commitment, Foro Energy has asked Realm to continue maintaining the CCTV and Intruder alarm systems and we have also won maintenance work for other disciplines on this site.

Why Realm?

“[Realm] got the work done promptly, so when the time came for our CCTV and Intruder alarm system it was natural to give Realm an opportunity to quote.”

Foro Energy had already utilised Realm to carry out a fire risk assessment and to install new fire extinguishers to ensure compliance for an external audit. They found this process to be very swift and efficient and were also pleased that Realm were able to respond promptly.

“[Realm] got the work done promptly, so when the time came for our CCTV and Intruder alarm system it was natural to give Realm an opportunity to quote.”

Six months on, when asked if they would recommend Realm to others, their response was a resounding “YES!”

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