It has been a challenging couple of weeks and things have been changing quickly for everyone whether at home or work

We wanted to take the opportunity to keep you updated on our operations as well as outline the support we are continuing to provide to local businesses in and around Aberdeen during this time. 

The Realm team is ready to support, we are still soldiering on.

As essential workers, first and foremost, our priority is to follow government guidelines to ensure we keep our colleagues and customers safe. We are still providing controlled Fire, Safety & Security services ensuring we continue to protect our customers. 

Our operational team is working safely from home and making use of technology to maintain effective communication ensuring they are always on hand to assist you with any help you require.

Our stand-by engineers are continuing to operate onsite where reasonable and practical to do so and with the correct protective measures in place to deliver critical maintenance for business continuity and ensure compliance. They are of course strictly adhering to government and site-specific social distancing instructions; therefore, we can safely support you 24/7 for fire safety inspections, security call-outs, fire risk assessments and key-holding services. 

A huge focus for our team right now is ensuring our customers remain compliant and planned maintenance continues. Fires, break-ins and emergencies still happen during a crisis.  In fact, risk can increase. As Fire & Security specialists, it is our duty to ensure our customers remain compliant in accordance with ‘The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006’ which states testing and maintenance of Fire Safety installations in buildings is mandatory. This is to ensure the safety of all people living and working regardless of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and buildings being un-occupied. 

Now actually may be a good time to get proactive whilst buildings are empty.  Proactive system monitoring will give you peace of mind. Don’t leave it to chance, keep your people and buildings safe. 

Remember you are not alone, we are here to help so if you have any concerns or would like any Fire & Security advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  In the meantime, check out some free guidance available from the BAFE Fire Safety Register on fire and security during COVID-19:

Please continue to take the very best of care and we wish you all good health.

Stay safe.

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